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PVC Tablecloth Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine

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PVC Tablecloth Carpet Flatbed Digital Cutting Machine

Soft glass, also known as PVC soft crystal plate. It has many good features like a smooth surface, uniform color, heat resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, and long service life. It has industrial use or household use. 

1. Industrial use

Widely used in electronics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, food factories, garment factories, work platforms, various office desktops on the surface of machines, etc.

2. Household use

In family life, it widely appears on the surface of furniture, such as dining tables, desks, tea tables, kitchen counters and cabinets. It can not only reflect the true color and fashion of the furniture, but also prevent the surface of the furniture from being scratched.

flatbed digital cutter

And when we cut the soft PVC, we will also meet some soft PVC with print images. Flatbed digital cutter with CCD camera can solve this problem. If by manual cutting, low efficiency, serious waste, low precision. If the printed graphics have arcs, the arcs cut by hand will not be smooth, and will not be beautiful after cutting. The arc of CNC cutting is very smooth and beautiful, which greatly improves the aesthetics of the product.

digital cutting machine

Using the digital cutting machine makes it easier:

1. The digital cutter machine has CCD camera that can identify patterns. edge search and cut. Suitable for cutting printed tablecloths.

2. Flatbed digital cutter work efficiency is high. efficient replacement of 4 - 6 workers. Now labor wages are very high, and continue to grow. Machine cutting replaces manual cutting, which reduces the need for labor and greatly reduces labor costs.

3. Digital cutting machine has intelligent type nesting software. saving PVC more than 15%. In addition, the cutting precision of the digital cutter machine is high, and there will be no errors and errors. Manual operating errors and errors can also waste material. Machine cutting avoids this material waste.

4. Digital cutting machine has a red cross dot. Easy to locate.

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