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Corrugated Cardboard Carton Box Cutting Making Machine

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Corrugated Cardboard Carton Box Cutting Making Machine

Application of cardboard cutting machine

The oscillating knife cutting machine in cardboard industry.

Cardboard is very common in our daily life. According to the use can be divided into several sorts:

1. Packing cardboard: Such as carton box cardboard, kraft cardboard, yellow cardboard, white cardboard, impregnated liner cardboard, etc.

2. Paperboard for industrial technology: such as electrical insulation paperboard, bitumen waterproof paperboard, etc.

3. Cardboard for construction: such as linoleum paper, soundproof cardboard, fireproof cardboard, gypsum cardboard, etc.

4. Cardboard for printing and decoration: such as type cardboard, cover cardboard, etc.

Most of the cutting with the digital knife cutting machine are packing cardboard, Cardboard for printing and decoration, and soundproof cardboard, etc.

cardboard cutting machine

For example, in Packing cardboard, Now that there are more and more private custom orders. the cardboard cutting machine is very suitable for private custom proofing and small batch production. In the carton production process, there are many processing techniques, such as cutting, such as creasing, such as slotting of thick corrugated boxes. Then it will need different cutting tools. The corrugated cardboard cutting machine can combine with different cutting tools such as the oscillating knife tool, creasing wheel tool, V cut tool. This can meet a variety of carton processing needs. Realize one machine with multiple functions. For Cardboard for printing and decoration. If you want to cut printed cardboard, there is also no problem. Our corrugated cardboard cutter can be equipped with a camera to meet the needs of cutting along the edge.

carton cutting machine

In addition to this packaging, printed cardboard advertisements, etc. The carton cutting machine is also used for other industry for cardboard cutting, such as corrugated artwork, corrugated paper children's toys, corrugated furniture, cat scratching post, etc. These can be used in our corrugated box making machine.

corrugated box making machine

Advantages of cardboard cutting machine

1. The carton cutting machine cuts various cardboard products according to CAD drawings. The cutting method is simple and fast.

2. The cutting tool of the corrugated box making machine is the blade. The cutting edge is smooth and beautiful. And there will be no problems such as thermal cutting smoke and black edges.

3. The working table of the cardboard cutting machine is a vacuum adsorption table. The vacuum pump absorbs the cardboard to ensure no movement during the cutting process.

4. The corrugated cardboard cutting machine can be installed with a variety of working cutter heads. Meet the various needs of the cardboard industry.

5. The corrugated cardboard cutter is an intelligent cutting machine. It is very simple to learn and operate. It doesn't require a lot of technical expertise.

corrugated cardboard cutting machine

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