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Rubber Car Mat Carpet Cutting Machine

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A customer from Malaysia sent us a roll of rubber anti skid rubber carpet. This customer is a Malaysian automotive interiors supplier. They mainly make rubber car floor mats and yacht mats.

carpet cutting machine

The customer used to cut the foot pads by hand. The cutting efficiency was relatively slow. And the production capacity was insufficient when there were many orders. And labor costs are more expensive. Therefore, if there are many orders, it is necessary to find temporary workers to work in a hurry. But many temp workers are unskilled and it takes time to teach them. Not only is the efficiency slow, but also often makes mistakes and wastes materials. So it will be very busy. The monthly salary of a worker in Malaysia is around $1,000 - $1,500 . The annual salary is about $15,000. A worker's salary for one year can buy a machine. One vibrating knife cutting machine can replace three laborers. That's about $50,000. So the customer wanted to purchase an intelligent rubber mat cutting machine to replace labor work.

rubber mat cutting machine

Our car mat cutting machine are oscillating knife cutting machine. It uses high frequency vibrating blades to cut carpet. The cut edges are smooth and neat.

The car mat making machine is a flatbed digital cutter. Carpets can be automatically cut by importing the cutting graphics into the machine, saves manual work.

The car carpet cutting machine uses servo motor and drivers. the cut speed is fast. A set of car mats can be cut in about two minutes.

The car mat cutting machine has an automatic feeding table. It can automatically pull the material forward and continue cutting. The continuous cutting of the rolls is realized.

Take a look at the samples we make for customers by the rubber cutting machine.

car mat making machine

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