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Fiberglass Insulation Panel Digital CNC Cutting Machine

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Fiberglass Insulation Panel Digital CNC Cutting Machine

Fibergalss panel has the advantages of good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength. It has three characteristics of fire prevention, heat preservation, and sound absorption and noise reduction. It is widely used in building air conditioning insulation systems, decorative wall sound insulation, decorative ceilings, and equipment insulation in chemical, electric power and other industries. But glass fiber cotton has certain harm to the human body. It will harm human lungs, respiratory tract, eyes, skin, etc. So how to cut fiberglass wool is the best way?

Can use a digital cutting machine to cut the fiberglass insulation panel?

fiberglass cutting machine

Fiberglass panel has many tiny filaments, which will cause damage to the human body when entering the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to wear protective clothing, masks and other protective measures when manually cutting glass fiber cotton. Because of the harmfulness of glass fiber wool, many people don't want to do the work of cutting glass wool. Even if someone did the job, the wages required would be very high.

The fiberglass cutting machine can cut the fiberglass insulation cotton very well. fiberglass cutting machine can reduces labor to touch the material, reduce fiber damage to personnel, and also save the cost of labor. The cutting efficiency of one insulation panel cutting machine can replace at least 3 personal.

Fiberglass insulation cutting machine can cut different sizes, different shapes, very flexible. Fiberglass cutting machine can also cut aluminum silicate wool, rock wool, rubber and plastic sponge.

fiberglass insulation cutting machine

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