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Long Haired Carpet Fur Cutting Cutter Machine

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Long Haired Carpet Fur Cutting Cutter Machine

The long-haired carpet is a home decoration. Like the common carpet, the long-haired carpet has the characteristics of soft texture, comfortable foot feeling and safe use. It is especially suitable for the floor decoration of the bedroom, living room and study in the family.

fur cutting machine

Like this kind of long-haired carpet, we have to be very careful in the cutting process. not to hurt the long hair. so the cutting time is long. and the hair will be damaged if we are not careful. The changzhou carpet cutting machine can quickly cut the long hair wool carpet.

carpet cutting machine

Features of Changzhou carpet cutter machine for carpet:

1. The fur cutting machine work area can be customized. and you can cut any shapes

2. Carpet cutting machine has nesting software, Easy and fast cut.

3. Carpet cutter machine use oscillating knife cutting technology. no damage to hair.

4. Fur cutting machine is computer intelligent machine. automatic feed and unload.

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