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Laser Marking Machine

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Product Description

Laser Marking Machine 

1. Machine video

2. Machine Parameters

20W fiber laser marking machine

Marking Area


Laser Source


Laser Power



Wavelength(import from Singapore)



Life Time


Marking speed


Rotary device

For optional




Air cooling


Elevator  500mm-800mm

Power requirement


File format


Suitable material

metal,wood,acrylic,glass,crystal,PVC,PCB,plastic etc

3. Machine Description

 The laser source generates a pulsed light wave, the laser light beam is expanded by the beam expander and transmitted to the scanning galvanometer. The scanning mirrors of the X-axis and the Y-axis direction are driven by the servo motor to perform optical scanning, The lens focuses the laser to concentrate the laser energy and mark on the work plane. The entire process is controlled by the computer program.

raycus laser marking machine

1. Laser source

different brand for optional: IPG,Raycus,MAX,Synrad,JPT

different power for optional:10W,20W,30W,50W,100W

2. Galvanometer

Germany imported,high speed and precision

30W laser marking machine
50W laser marking machine

3. Lens

Wavelength(import from Singapore)

4. JCZ controller

JCZ laser marking machine
CO2 laser marking machine

5. Red pointer

Assist to adjust the focus length

6. Rotary device

for optional

 laser marking machine with rotary

4.Machine applicaition

According to the type of laser, laser marking machine mainly has three types:fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine. 

(1) Fiber laser marking machines are mostly used for metal materials, and are widely used in integrated circuit chips, computer parts, industrial bearings, watches, electronic and communication products, aerospace equipment, various auto parts, home appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires. Marking and text marking in many areas such as cables, food packaging, jewelry, tobacco, and military, as well as high-volume production lines.

  Chinese fiber laser marking machine metal fiber laser marking machine Chinese CO2 laser marking machine Chinese UV laser marking machine

JPT MOPA laser marking machine is a special type fiber laser marking machine,it has two obvious advantages in two fields:one is black marking on the alumina and aluminum,the marking is really very black.the other is color marking on the stainless steel,it can mark different color on the metal.

Chinese laser marking machine  Jinan laser marking machine 

(2) CO2 laser marking machines are mostly used for non-metallic materials, such as electronic components, instrumentation, clothing, leather, luggage, shoes, buttons, glasses, medicine, food, beverages, cosmetics, packaging, electrical equipment and other fields. Suitable for marking, engraving, hollowing and cutting of various non-metallic materials and products. Marking, engraving, hollowing, and cutting of various characters, symbols, graphics, images, barcodes, serial numbers, etc.  

Guangzhou laser marking machine Bodor laser marking machine Chinese jinan laser marking machine UV laser marking machine

(3) UV laser marking machine for flexible pcb board marking, dicing, silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing, LCD liquid crystal glass two-dimensional code marking, glass surface punching, metal surface plating marking, plastic buttons , electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, etc.

trophy laser marking machine swithch laser marking machine glass laser marking machine

laser marking machine can engrave metal and a variety of non-metallic materials. It is more suitable for processing products that require fine precision and high precision.

laser marking machine is used in electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, medical equipment, clothing accessories, Pharmaceutical packaging, alcohol packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries. And other industries.

laser marking machine is suitable for different materials : common metals and alloys (all metals such as iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.), rare metals and alloys (gold, silver, titanium), metal oxides (all metal oxides), special surfaces Treatment (phosphating, aluminum anodizing, plating surface), ABS material (electrical appliance casing, daily necessities), ink (transparent button, printed product), epoxy resin (encapsulation and insulation of electronic components).

5. Software and support file

1.Software support Win7,Win8,Win10,both 32-bit and 64-bit.

2.Software support both vector and support the file designed by AI,Corel draw,Autocad,Photoshop etc.

3.Software support different languages:Chinese,English,Korean,Japanese.

bottle laser marking machine

6. Company

Shandong changzhou CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd. is established in 2008,located in jinan city of Shandong province. We are professional manufacturer of laser machine,digital cutting machine,cnc router. all machines gain CE,FDA,ISO 9001 certificate. We have professional design team,quality inspector team,after sales service team to make sure the high quality machine and service.

glass bottle laser marking machine

glass cup laser marking machine

pen laser marking machine

7. Service

1. We supply 2 years warranty you can come our factory to learn the machine,it’s free of charge.  

2. Operation manual and training video are available.  

3. Online face to face training is offered,our engineers can speak English.  

4. 24 hours technical support is available.  

5. Quality inspect department will fully check and test the machine bofore shipment to ensure high performance and high stability.

label laser marking machine

nameplate laser marking machine

8. FAQ

(1) How to choose a right machine?

Please share your material and application to us,we will recommend the right machine.

(2) Is the software free of charge?

Yes,the software is free,and the computer also is free of charge

(3) Is the laser marking machine easy to use

Yes,machine is easy to operate.we supply operation manual and video.

You can operate the machine in two days with our assist.

(4) welcome your inquiry if any other questions..

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