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Wooden Laser Cutting Machine Cutter Engraver

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Wooden Laser Cutting Machine Cutter Engraver

Wooden laser cutter is used to cut and engrave wood. Wood laser engraving is similar with wood laser cutting. Both of them use high energy laser to convert into thermal energy. High thermal causes wood decomposition to remove some material.

wooden laser cutter

Laser cutting wood is to cut required shapes on wood. Laser engraving is to engrave the required patterns, designs, number and letter on the surface of wooden. The energy required for laser cutting is large. Laser engraving does not need to cut through the wood, so the energy required is small.

wooden laser engraver

Wooden laser cutting machine is non contact process. Compare with the mechanical process, wooden laser engraver has the advantages of no wood chip, no tool wear, no tool replacement, and no noise pollution (low noise). The focus lens in laser head focuses the laser light to a small spot. And the spot diameter is generally 0.1mm to 0.5 mm.

The focus point of the laser is on the surface of the material. The pressure air blow out from the nozzle of the laser head. Blowing away the molten material.

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