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Wood Wine Barrels Laser Engraving Machine

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Wood Wine Barrels Laser Engraving Machine

Oak wine barrels has a long history and a long history. And it has a history of nearly 1,000 years. The world famous Hennessy, Martell, Napoleon, and Remy Martin are all aged in oak barrels. Oak barrels bring different flavors to different wines and are also easy for storage and delivery.

During the wine making process, there are many wooden barrels. In order to facilitate the identification of wine information, the barrels are marked. Traditional inkjet printing is easy to wear and tear. Wood laser engraving will never wear out, and any pattern text can be engraved on the barrel surface.

wood laser engraving

Generally, the brewing time is very long. It takes years for oak barrels and wines to interact. In this long time, in order to prevent the name from being washed away by time, the laser engraving machine is the best choice.

Wood laser engraving machine is non contact process on wooden boards. It will not cause damage to the barrel and squeeze. The laser is environment friendly and safe. And it is not harmful to the human body even if it is in contact with wine for a long time. Wood engraving machine has good precision and high efficiency. Whether it is on the front, curved surface or inner wall, it can be easily carved. Laser engraved text is clear and beautiful, and will never disappear.

wood laser engraving machine

Common oak wine barrels are large oval. There are also mini models. Can be used as a gift for friends and relatives, or as a decoration. Just make the pattern you want on your computer. And the laser engraving machine can engrave according to the designed pattern.

With the pursuit of high end wine quality, oak barrels have become an important tool in the wine making process. Laser engraving machine draws the most beautiful name coats for oak barrels, so that wine makers will not mix any type of wine.

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