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Wood Skateboard Laser Engraving Machine

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Wood Skateboard Laser Engraving Machine

Skateboarding is a sport that young people like to play, and some children also like it very much. Skateboarding is evolved from surfing, today it has become a very cool sport on the planet, and it is also a test of human will.

The board of the skateboard mostly is wooden. But the wood used for different grades is not the same. The best skateboard board is made of Canadian maple wood, which has reached the standard of extreme sports.

In order to make the skateboard beautiful, factory will wrap a layer of printed paper on the board, or print some patterns on the board. However, the printed patterns or the wrapped paper is easily worn and damaged, so the pattern cannot be retained for a long time. It reduces the aesthetics of the skateboard.

wood laser engraving

Wood laser engraving machine provides the perfect solution. Wood laser engraving is permanent and will not wear out with use. It will not destroy the strength of the skateboard. Wood engraving machine can engrave the name, favorite sentence and pattern on the skateboard to make a unique and unique skateboard. Increase the aesthetics of skateboarding and make players more compelling.

wood laser engraving machine

Wood laser engraving machine engraved the skateboard. The temperature of the wood board increased sharply due to the strong laser thermal energy. So the point was quickly carbonized or vaporized. Then the desired designs was made along the running track of the laser head. Skateboard laser engraving machine is fast, high precision. And it can be accurately and quickly formed no matter what shape and pattern.

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