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Wood Sheet Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

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Wood Sheet Laser Engraving Cutting Machine


The earliest wood boards are for wood working. It's used for making furniture and other products. Now the definition of boards in science and technology is more broad. There are different boards in furniture, construction, etc. Solid wood board, wood plastic board, MDF board, acrylic board, plywood and etc.


Traditional plate process generally uses die press and mechanical cutting. But this is all rough making, the production cycle is long, and the work accuracy is not high. As people continue to improve the work accuracy and efficiency, the traditional work methods obviously cannot meet the market need of the sheet industry.


laser cutting engraving machine

The advent of wood laser cutting machine broke the deadlock. The wood laser engraving machine adopts non contact process and automatic typeset functions. Laser engraving cutting machine can minimize process distortion and reduce material waste. Wood laser cutting has high precision. The cutting edge is smooth and without burrs. Do not need post process. And the quality of products is better. Wood laser engraving can make patterns and shapes that cannot be made by traditional methods.


wood laser cutting

Wood laser cutting is a product of the high tech field. Its is a chance and a challenge for the board industry. The two promote each other and develop together.

In order to meet the market need of the sheet industry. We have created the laser engraving cutting machine for the plate according to the common format of the plate. Achieve high quality process of wood boards, plywood, MDF boards, acrylic boards and etc. The most special point of the wood laser cutting is that it can make special products according to customer needs. As long as there are drawings, they can be controlled by computer and samples can be made. It greatly improves the production flexibility. Wood laser engraving can help factory save costs and improve production efficiency.

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