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Wood Ping Pong Racket CNC Laser Engraver

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Wood Ping Pong Racket CNC Laser Engraver


Life lies in sports. Now there are many types of sports. Table tennis is one of the popular sports. Rackets and table tennis follow each other. Sometimes you can't recognize the racket and you get it wrong, which adds a lot of trouble.

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Rackets look almost the same. How can you recognize it at a glance! It requires customization. Wood laser engraver can mark the pattern, text  or your own name on the racket. So that each table tennis player has a specific racket and can easily find his own racket.

CNC laser engraver can make permanently mark on the surface of wooden rackets, handles of table tennis rackets. High energy laser irradiate on the surface of the material. Cause wood to be carbonized and blackened, or burned and to expose deep level substances. Carve out the graphic text you want.

cnc laser engraver

Compared with inkjet, wood laser engraver is environmentally friendly, non polluting, never worn, clear and exquisite. And will not cause material waste. The laser marked heat affected zone is extremely small. Without mechanical contact, and will not cause squeezing or damage to the racket.

Ping pong racket laser engraver greatly guarantees the fans' exclusive requirements for rackets. For children, there is nothing more exciting than hobbies, personalizing the racket, and starting your table tennis journey.

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