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Wood Laser Engraving Machine

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Wood Laser Engraving Machine

Wood products are made by wood. It can be divided into the following: furniture wood products, office wood products, craft wood products, garden wood products, living wood products and so on.

wood laser engraving machine

As we all know, in the past, if you want to make wood products with patterns, you can only rely on the craftsman's manual work. But now the labor cost is keep increasing. If you want to get wood products with patterns, not only the price is very high, but the output is very low. So the question is, how can we solve the problem of labor costs and ensure output at the same time? The wood laser engraving machine solves this problem perfectly.

wood laser engraving

Wood laser engraving is different from manual work. The wood engraving machine uses a high energy laser beam to convert into thermal energy, it causes wood thermal decomposition and carbonization, then remove some wood and get patterns on the wood.

The wood laser engraving is controlled by computer, it doesn't need the manual work. Even complicated patterns can be engraved easily by wood laser engraving machine. And the laser can form a very small laser beam after focus, even very small wood products can be marked by wood engraving machine. Unlike manual work, not only the precision cann't be reached, but also the work efficiency is hard to guarantee.

Traditional wooden products are mostly carved by hand, it takes long time and effort, and the workers must have a good craftsmanship and artistic sense, so the development of the wooden product industry is slow. Now with the emergence of laser machine such as wood laser marking machine and wood laser engraving machine, the work cost and time of wood products have been reduced. At the same time, the effect of wood products has been improved.

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