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Wood Laser Cutter Engraver For 3D Wood Jigsaw Puzzles

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Wood Laser Cutter Engraver For 3D Wood Jigsaw Puzzles

3D wooden jigsaw puzzles is a puzzle game. It is to put a piece of scattered pieces in the right position to create a complete 3D model. Puzzles not only improve people's ability to reason and think. But also improve hand eye coordination, observation and memory. Therefore, jigsaw puzzles have been favored by parents in recent years.

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Wood Laser Cutter

With the popularity of wood laser cutter in the puzzle market, the puzzles has broken the traditional plane mode. And various types of 3D Jigsaw puzzles came into being.

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3D Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

The natural animals such as wolves, horses, lions, camels, etc. are separated into small pieces by laser cutter for wood. And then manually stitched together. Not only can help children recognize images, but also exercise hands on ability. And 3D animal Jigsaw Puzzles are also beautiful crafts.

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Music Box Puzzles

After the wood board is colored by wood laser engraver and cut by the wood laser cutter, can make ferris wheel, house, etc.

In fact, the 3D jigsaw puzzles uses wood laser cutter to cut components on the plane material. And then splicing all the pieces into a 3D model instead of a flat picture.


The biggest advantage of laser cutting puzzle is that it does not need “knife mold”. Any puzzle graphics can be directly cut on wood panel. Secondly, the automatic layout function of laser software greatly reduces material waste and improves the use rate.

 wood laser engraver

CZ wood laser cutter is suitable for processing various non metal  such as wood products, bamboo products, plastics, leather, fabrics, and acrylic. The powerful CNC programming software combined with the high performance body solves the difficult problem of puzzle processing and many kinds of problems. It is an indispensable processing tool for the puzzle industry.

wood laser engraver

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