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Wood Craft Box Gift Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

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Wood Craft Box Gift Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

The process of making wooden craft gifts is like the process of painting a painter on white paper. Then, how to turn a piece of blank wood into a handicraft with artistic value. The wood laser engraving machine is undoubtedly an indispensable tool for wooden craft gifts. First of all, let us walk into the art world of craft gifts under the footprints of laser engraving machines.

 wood laser cutting machine

3D Model: 

Each part is drawn in software, transferred to the wood laser cutting machine, the images are cut on a wooden board by a laser cutting machine, then manually spliced these parts into a 3D model.

wood laser cutting
wood laser engraving machine

Gift Box:

Combine the wood laser cutting machine with the wooden box manufacturing , let the wood box evolve into a creative gift box.


Install LED lights in the wooden box, through the hollow that cut by wood laser cutting machine, let people feel the fairy tale world in the lighting.

wood laser engraving
wood laser engraving machine

Hanging craft:

take advantage of wood laser engraving machine can cut graphics without restriction, can draw any creative image on wood products.

Photo frame: 

Engrave photos on wood and present to family, friends, lovers,,commemorate photos carved on wood for long-term preservation.

wood laser cutting

wood laser cutting

Wooden notebook :

Using laser hollowing and engraving techniques to create towering trees, geometric figures, cartoon characters and other shapes by wood laser cutting machine. It retains the original characteristics of wood, and it has a sense of design and technology.

Wooden invitation:

The wooden invitations have broken the paper invitations that have been maintained for many years, giving them a refreshing feeling with their unique colors and materials. With delicate laser engraving and hollowing out elements, they have a retro and pastoral style.

wood laser cutting machine


The wood laser engraving machine is a magical "brush" that allows you to experience the process of painting in a flowing stream, letting you feel the pleasure of the work from scratch! Shangdong CZ CNC supply high-quality wood laser engraving machine, which brings you convenient processing, let you experience technological innovation, let you think what you want, do what you want!

wood laser cutting machine

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