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​Wood Acrylic Hangers Laser Cutter Engraver

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Wood Acrylic Hangers Laser Cutter Engraver


Hangers are an indispensable household item in our daily lives. It is also a necessity for every family life. In daily life we have seen all kinds of hangers. Today I will share with you the unique hangers made by the acrylic laser cutter.

 The Greek design firm dede designed a hanger called "skitch", which is made of white plexiglass and cut by a laser cutting machine. It is only 4 mm thick, but it is very durable. Acrylic hangers laser cutter makes hanger, add beauty to clothes storage.

 acrylic laser cutter

This hanger also has the fun of design and the practicality of the function: the shoulder of the skull can be used to hang shirts or coats. Ribs can be used for hanging belts, necklaces and other accessories. The bottom rectangular frame can be used to hang pants. It is really very practical. For people with tight wardrobe space, this hanger is a good storage helper.

Wood laser cutter can also customize the hangers for you from Monday to Sunday, so that you can easily choose the clothes for each day. In addition, wood laser engraver can engrave your favorite text and pictures on hangers.

 acrylic hangers laser cutter

As a new process method, wood laser cutter can cut and engrave most nonmetal such as plexiglass, wood board, acrylic, double color board, etc. with its advantages of accurate, fast, simple operation. Not only has wood laser engraver become an important tool for many designers, but also a high quality choice for the advertising industry and customized industry.

wood laser engraver

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