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Water Bottle Laser Marking Engraving Machine Engraver

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Water Bottle Laser Marking Engraving Machine Engraver

Laser marking technology has been used in the manufacturing industry for many years. The laser marking machine is used to mark the Chinese characters, graphics, numbers and letters related to the company name and trademark, product specification model, shift number, serial number, security code, etc. replace the traditional marking methods such as mechanical, printing, chemical etching, and inkjet printing.

bottle laser engraver bottle marking machine

water bottle marking machine marking sample (2)

Water bottle is used every day in our lives, but how to make an the bottle attractive? The bottle engraving machine has solutions! bottle laser marking machine uses a high energy laser beam to remove the surface material of the bottle according to your design.then the bottle has a beautiful pattern on it.

The bottle laser engraver works well on the bottle. Compared with the traditional method, the bottle engraving machine is very fast and accurate, and the graphics can be customized by computer programming. Therefore, laser marking has been a new type of processing. The laser marking cup kettle expresses the pattern by evaporating the pigment on the surface of the cup kettle to reveal the depth and position of the metal material. The color of the laser marking cup kettle is not limited, and the laser marking pattern is drawn by software. As long as the graphic is produced, the image can be proofed on the spot. You can mark the logo or the holiday blessing.

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