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Stone CNC Router Carving Machine

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Stone CNC Router Carving Machine

 stone cnc router

Stone cnc router has a variety of carving functions. According to different stone materials and processing needs, stone carving machine has different engraving techniques to match your need.

stone carving machine

 1. Text: Stone cnc machine can carve numbers and letters on stone. This is often used to make tombstone. Stone cnc router has different tools to carve different font sizes text. Stone carving machine can carve 3D sharp bottom characters. 3D sharp bottom characters are the most popular fonts in stone carving.

 2. 3D carving: Stone cnc router can cut off the excess material and keep the graphics, then the picture is protruding on the stone. 3D carving is one type of stone carving. The image to be carved on a flat stone plate and out of the stone plate.

 3. Round carving: Stone carving machine can carve cylinder stone and irregular stone, portraits of people, statues of Buddha, stair handrails, stone pillars, and cylinder stone crafts.

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