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Rulers Laser Engraving Machine on Steel Metal

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Laser Engraving Machine on Steel Metal


Rulers play an important role in life, are necessary measuring tools. And are widely used in all aspects of work and study. The fields involved include: physics, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, architecture, clothing, etc.

 laser engraving on steel

Industry standards are very high now. All products require exactness. And the rulers are the benchmark for the standard. For many of the rulers we have used, there is the distress that the ruler wears out and becomes unclearafter a long time. Mostly rulers we use are printed with ink. Ink printing is easy to wear away and can not keep clear for long time. The traditional scale method is imprecise, easy to make errors, and is efficiency.

Laser engraving machine on metal has easily solved these problems.

 laser engraving machine on metal

Laser engraving on steel can engrave both metal and nonmetal. Laser marking is permanent, accurate marking. And the formed ruler is resistant to wear. Rulers laser engraving machine is non contact processing, which will not cause damage to the rulers.

 laser engraving on metal

The rulers have various shapes and complete functions. And are no longer limited to just a ruler. Rulers makes office learning more comfortable and more convenient. Laser engraving on metal creates the most perfect scale. Accurate measuring tools are the basis for doing a good job and an effective aid for learning and upgrading.

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