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Portable Fiber Laser Marking Etching Machine

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Portable Fiber Laser Marking Etching Machine 

Stainless steel tableware is necessary in our life. But stainless steel is hard. Carving knife is hard to carve on stainless steel. The print marking is easy to wear and tear. Tableware needs to bear high temperatures, not easy to wear, and must not contain harmful items. The laser marking machine solved the problems perfectly. It can engrave clear, fine and permanent marks on stainless steel.

fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine uses the laser as a working tool. There is no contact with the workpiece. The thermal influence is small. Ensure the precision of the workpiece. It can make fine and permanent marks on the surface of a different materials. It is difficult to copy and change the marks made by portable laser marking machine. Laser marking machine has no pollution source, it is a clean and environmentally friendly technology.

Laser etching machine is applicable to various metals, plastics, etc. It is widely used in bearings, chips, mobile phone, clocks, stainless steel tableware, drills, meter disks, U disks, batteries, instruments, tools, jewelry, watches and glasses, hardware, metal tools, auto parts, etc.


 laser etching machine

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