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Pen Laser Engraving Machine

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Pen laser engraving machine

Pens are commonly used writing instruments. In addition to writing function, pens also have become gifts and are loved by people.

pen laser engraving machine

Pen laser engraving machine can engrave the obvious brand name and model at the mouth of the pen cap or on the surface of the pen tip. Pen engraving machine is used to engrave the pen body. The engraved pattern or text will not fade with the change of the environment.

pen laser engraving

Pen laser engraving uses a non contact processing laser process. It will not generate internal stress, will not damage the pen. And enhance the beauty and grade of the pen.

Pens engraved by pen engraving machine, functionality and aesthetics coexist. Giving as a gift is also a good choice. The laser process is not limited by the color of the material, whether it is metal, plastic, or wooden pen body can be marked.

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