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Name Badge Fiber Laser Marker Engraving Machine

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Name Badge Fiber Laser Marker Engraving Machine


The name badge is a card issued by the company, with the work number, name, company logo and other information.

name badge engraving machine

A job tag is a sign to identifies an employee. It is also an part of company culture. The name badge made by fiber laser marker is the best choice to show the company culture.

fiber laser marker

In the design of the badge, from the material to the content, these small details are all important. Metal are more durable and beautiful than plastic. Name badge engraving machine is not limited by the color and shape, the company can customize the badge according to its own need.

Badge engraving machine can reach within millimeters. Patterns will not fade away due to touches. Demonstrate a good corporate image and employee spirit.

The badge made by name badge laser engraving machine is not only a product to show the company image, but also a book to highlight the company culture. Allow customers to understand the culture of the company.

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