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Mobile Phone Case Laser Engraving Marking Machine

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Mobile Phone Case Laser Engraving Marking Machine

Smart phones occupy most of the mobile phone market, and the smart phone market is expanding. So a variety of mobile phone cases have emerged. Mobile phone cases made by phone laser marking machine are very popular. The phone case has a great role in decorating the phone, and the custom pattern is a highlight.

phone case marking machine 

People are looking for customized and different items. The customized business is developing fast, like customized drinking cups and clothes. The market of  customized mobile phone cases is now developing fast. The phone case marking machine can mark on the mobile phone case, such as a couple's name, a sentence, birthday date, the favorite pattern, etc.

phone case engraving machine

Phone case engraving machine can be used to mark number, letter, text, picture, QR code and so on. Applied materials are metal and some nonmetal such as ABS plastic. Phone case engraving machine is widely used in metal parts, pens, mobile battery, phone shells, computers, rings, watches, auto parts, and other industries.


Phone case laser engraving machine can also mark photos. Of course, there are requirements for the quality of photos. When phone laser engraving machine mark patterns, they mark according to the lightness and darkness of the pictures. The phone laser marking machine can't mark color according to the color of the pictures.

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