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Metal stainless steel nonmetal fiber laser marking machine advantages

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Metal stainless steel nonmetal fiber laser marking machine advantages


IPG raycus fiber Laser marking machine marks on different materials by laser beam. Laser marking is widely used in many industries. Laser marking machine evaporate surface materials to form regular text, patterns, etc., . what are the advantages of laser marking?

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1. Permanence: An obvious feature of fiber laser marking is permanent. Except for the influence of the material itself, the laser marking is permanent and will not disappear due to the influence of the external environment.

2, wide applicability: 20W metal nonmetal laser marking machine is widely used in different markets. It can mark a variety of metal and also non-metallic materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.).

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3. High precision: The engraving precision is related to the quality of the laser marking machine. Changzhou laser marking machine precision is high, the pattern is fine, the marking is clear, lasting and beautiful. Laser marking can save a large amount of data on very small piece materials. Two-dimensional codes, barcodes, etc. all require high precision production. Laser marking has a great advantage over imprinting.

4. Anti-counterfeiting: The laser marking is not easy to be changed and has obvious anti-counterfeiting.

5. Rapid development: the rapid development of laser marking technology benefits from the fast and convenient graphic forming technology, you can quickly mark by simply performing graphic processing on a computer. it saves a lot of time without making traditional mold.

6. low operating cost: laser marking speed is fast, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, low cost, one investment and long-term benefits.

7. Non-contact: laser marking machine is mark by non-mechanical laser beam. It can easily achieve the marking of irregular graphics by computer software, and the non-contact laser has little influence on the material. There will be no problem of deformation.

8. High processing efficiency: The laser beam can move at fast speed under computer control , the marking process can be completed in a few seconds.

the various characteristics of laser marking machines mean that laser marking can quickly occupy the market in many fields, it has a great impact on traditional machining, many industries have also adapt laser marking machine.

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