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Metal Ruler Laser Marking Etching Machine

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Metal Ruler Laser Marking Etching Machine


We have used a ruler since school. But the rulers you know are just entry level. Today we will lift the veil of the scale tool and brighten our eyes!


What is the scale

The scale is a mark indicate the the value on the scale. Including measure tools such as scales, dials, bottles. The scale includes steel ruler, tape measure, vernier caliper, micrometer and so on.


metal laser marking machine

The role of the scale

The scale is an important tool for measure distance, length, width and height, and liquid capacity. It can meet the needs of physics, chemistry, and medicine. It is also an important tool in scientific research, building, and clothing. It can be seen that the need of scales involves all aspects of social life.


Traditional process of scales

Traditional scale process include hand engraving and ink printing. But as the scope of scale tools continues to expand, the materials used continue to diversify. Especially with the popular of metal measure tools, traditional process not only make it difficult to ensure the long term accuracy of the scale numbers. Can't keep up with its process rhythm. Therefore, when laser marking machine with good accuracy and speed is applied to the scale industry, accuracy and processing speed have increased by several levels.

Principle of laser etching machine

High energy laser beams are used to chemically change the surface of the scales to make marks. Or laser etching machine can burn part of the scales by light energy, and display various graphics such as logos, patterns, characters, and barcodes that need to be etched. The use of software to control the marking image, depth, and direction of the metal laser marking machine is obviously more superior and more acceptable.


laser etching machine

Metal laser marking machine

CZ laser has developed a variety of high precision, high quality, high tech laser marking machine to meet the needs of precision instruments such as measure tools. Show your skills in the precision instrument industry.

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