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Metal Laser Marking Etching Machine

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Metal Laser Marking Etching Machine

Knives and forks are necessary tools in our lives and at the dining table. Knives and forks are made by stainless steel. Because stainless steel has good performance. And is more resistant to rust than other metals. The tableware made of stainless steel are beautiful and durable, and are deeply loved by people. Therefore, more and more are used to make tableware.

In order to make tableware more beautiful, manufacturers need to mark design patterns, company name, model, company logo and etc on stainless steel tableware. This will increase the value and competitiveness of your products.

laser etching machine

The traditional marking method is ink printing. The text information marked by ink printing is easy to fade and fall off. It affects the aesthetics of the tableware, and more serious, it will cause harm to people. Therefore, a permanent marking device is needed for marking. Laser marking machine is undoubtedly the most suitable choice. Laser etching machine uses laser beam to mark permanent marks on the metal surface. The quality of the beam is good, the volume is small and the speed is fast. The marked text information is beautiful and permanent, without pollution, and will not fade or fall off.

  laser marking machine

Metal laser marking machine is small size, good output beam quality and high reliability. Laser marking machine uses non contact processing, does not damage the product, and has good marking quality.

Metal laser etching machine can also mark different colors, such as: black, blue, gold, purple and so on.

metal laser etching machine

Laser etching machine can also engrave nonmetal, such as PVC, ABS plastic, etc.

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