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Metal Keychain Laser Marking Etching Machine Engraver

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Metal Keychain Laser Marking Etching Machine Engraver


Keychains are almost a must for everyone. And unique keychains are more popular and sought after by consumers.

In order that the surface of the keychain will not be dull and strange. Many factory will mark LOGO, pictures and text on it. You can see a lot of inkjet keychains. Although there are pictures and text, they are unclear and uncomfortable to look at as the wear. There is no such problem with laser marking machine. The laser marked logo and graphics are clearly visible. No matter what kind of wiping touch you experience, it will not disappear.

 laser marking machine

Keychains made by metal laser engraver are non contact process. Will not cause damage to the keychain itself. Marking can be completed in seconds with high accuracy. With computer graphics, any shape can be easily made. Laser engraving machine is safe and environmentally friendly. Save time and effort. Now it has been widely used in various industries.

 laser etching machine

In the case of the popular of keychains, they all want novel personality. At the same time, Fcatory make personalized keychain different from their peers. It can establish a brand image and enhance competitiveness. The laser etching machine can stimulate the imagination of the designer.

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