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Laser Cutting Wood Acrylic Building Model

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Laser Cutting Wood Acrylic Building Model

Building models are bridges that put building ideas into practice. It can be found in real estate, industry, teaching, urban planning and other fields. Different materials cooperate with the laser cutting wood to present an intuitive, 3D building model in front of you.

 laser cutting wood

The building model is composed of building groups, plane layout, 3D model and other elements. The laser cutting acrylic reflects the material texture and style to the maximum. Express the proportion and space of the building. Make up for the limitations of the 2D drawings. After process by the laser cutting wood, all the structural elements will be expressed on the models.

 laser cutting acrylic

Building models are often reflected in the details. Laser cutting acrylic can make sure the process accuracy. The atmosphere of art is reflected in the good cutting lines and structure. The building model fits into the tree path of the surrounding. Start a chat on the outside nature from the inside out. light up the soft light, let the building breathe in this halo.


The laser cutting building model can inspire the full potential of the building model. Transform the space imagination into a solid. And make the model construction faster and more detailed to show the completed space and the visual effects of the building details.  

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