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Laser Cutter Engraver For Wood Tissue Box

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Laser Cutter Engraver For Wood Tissue Box

The tissue box is a box which is easy to use. And can ensure that the tissue is not polluted by the outside.

As people's quality of life improves, the need for tissue boxes are more refined. Ink printing can not keep up with technological developing, and are gradually eliminated. With the rapid development of laser technology, laser cutter for wood is widely used in different fields. In order to improve box quality, more and more factory use wood tissue box laser engraver

laser engraver for wood

Tissue boxes are widely used in many places, such as toilets, offices, clubs, restaurants, cars, and home. The use of tissue boxes is not just for tissues, there are many other uses. The company's logo, QR code and information can be engraved on the tissue box. Can make some image publicity and promotion. Can increase the company's exposure.

Tissue boxes can also be made into art crafts. laser engraver for wood can engrave some quotes, celebrities, or your favorite pattern on a tissue box. So every day when you see the tissue box, it becomes a work of art. Add more color to boring life.

laser cutter for wood

Tissue box is an useful item in every place. Its materials are diverse, leather, wood, paper, etc. appear most often in life. Laser cutter for wood can mark the required pattern and text on the tissue box. Laser engraver for wood uses a laser beam to mark text and pattern marks on the surface of the tissue box. The marking effect is to expose the deep matter through the evaporation of the surface matter. Thereby engraving exquisite text, patterns, logos, etc. Compared with traditional inkjet technology, Wood tissue box laser engraver has the advantages of clear laser marking, fast speed, high yield, exquisite and permanent.

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