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How to choose buy select CO2 laser cutting & engraving machine

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Laser cutting & engraving machine is a numerical control processing equipment that can meet the needs of the advertising industry. When we choose the advertising laser engraving machine, we mainly consider it from the manufacturer's side. Good manufacturers can guarantee the product quality, manufacturer scale and after-sales service.

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First of all, the scale of the manufacturer, We must compare and select the advertising laser cutting & engraving machine carefully before purchase. If its convenient please go to the factory to visit and check. Machine from good manufacturers may be slightly more expensive, but from the perspective of cost performance, Changzhou CNC will supply customers the highest price performance ratio, guarantee to meet customers' production efficiency and budget.

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Secondly, machine performance, the main purpose of advertising laser cutting & engraving machine is to engraving and cutting, so there is a great demand for the performance of the equipment, it requires the performance of the advertising laser machine to be stable, Changzhou CNC has a variety of models of advertising laser machine to meet the different size and type of advertising production. When contacting us, we will also ask about your material and application,then we can recommend a right machine for you.

after-sales service, there are many customers who don't understand why they should spend more money to choose the equipment of regular manufacturers. Let me explain for you. The main parts of the equipment are laser tube, lens, etc. We use good quality laser tube with long time lifetime and guarantee, but the tubes used by small manufacturers are exhausted in a few months, so the maintenance cost is high. Moreover, some small manufacturers have no after-sales service at all, so that customers can not find them when the machine has problems. it cost long time to solve the problem, your business will be suspended and the loss is even greater. Therefore, after-sales service is a very important aspect of our current consideration of a laser equipment company.


Finally, the advertising laser machine is mainly used for carving badges, modeling, steel molds, engravings, furniture engraving, gifts, souvenirs, crafts, signboards, sign making, hand boards, punching, advertising word cutting, engraving advertising light boxes. Wait. It has a wide range of uses and can solve most of the production process in the advertising industry.

Also it can be used is many other industries.

1. Printing and packaging industry: rubber version laser engraving and cutting, paper products laser engraving and cutting machine.

2. craft gift industry: crystal engraving, bamboo slip laser engraving, wood book laser engraving, mahogany laser engraving, two-color plate engraving, box-shaped crafts laser engraving, chessboard laser engraving, marble engraving machine.

3. advertising industry: plexiglass laser engraving (cutting), two-color plate engraving, all kinds of plaque laser production.

4. leather garment industry: all kinds of leather, clothing, fabric textile patterns, artificial leather cutting and pattern carving and cutting machine.

5. Model industry: architectural model scribing, ABS board cutting, aerial model slicing, wood chip cutting and engraving machine.

6. stone (tombstone) industry: marble, granite on the photo and text engraving.

7. Photo studio industry: engraving photos on photo albums, photo papers, plexiglass, acrylic, wood products, making special effects albums;

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