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Gourds CNC Laser Engraver Engraving Machine

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Gourds CNC Laser Engraver Engraving Machine

Gourds are cultivated all over the world. It's beautiful and is a rare handicraft. In order to improve the artistic value of the gourd, and thus obtain more economic value. Many workers write characters and patterns on the gourd. But this measure has not achieved too good economic benefits. Because the cost of making this craft is too high. Carving characters and patterns on non planar items like gourds requires a lot of manpower and time. These problems were not solved until the advent of CNC laser engraver. Laser engraving machine retains the essence of hand carving and creates an artistic image that is also visible and tangible.

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As we all know, traditional gourds are carved by hand. Workers need a certain level of expertise. First draw pictures on the gourd. Then use a knife or a soldering iron and other tools to engrave the graphics step by step. The laser engraving machine can burn a kind of burn mark directly on the surface of the gourd. This scorch and gourd are completely integrated without axe marks. The hoist carved by the laser marking machine is not only clear and beautiful. It is also more efficient and consumable free than traditional process. Reduced costs on a certain basis. Thus creating more economic benefits.

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In terms of work efficiency, CNC laser engraver is several times faster than manual work. In operation, cnc laser engraving machine does not need professional craftsmen. The graphics are engraved by machine. In effect, manual engraving cannot guarantee the consistency of the knife method and graphics. CNC laser engraver can control the design and depth of the pattern to ensure consistent graphics or diverse graphics. For safety, hand engraving often burns hands due to the high temperature of the electric soldering iron. The whole process of CNC laser engraving machine is machine made, which is more secure.

Not only hoists, but also other nonmetal can be marked with laser engraving machine. Mark the patterns of different shades by adjusting the power. The software can mark the desired pattern at any time. Convenient and quick, save time and effort.

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