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Foam Wool Felt Coaster Laser Cutting Machine Cutter

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Foam Wool Felt Coaster Laser Cutting Machine Cutter

Coasters are often used in home life. It plays a role of nonslip and thermal insulation. In recent years, with the develop of the felt industry, felt coasters have gradually been loved by people as an environmentally friendly material.

  felt laser cutter

The combination of felt coasters and coaster laser cutting machine, brings a perfect visual to the coasters and makes home life more warm. As an common item on the dining table, it is best to choose a felt coaster made by a coaster laser cutter. To embellish the dining table while insulating, the dining is more enjoyable.


All kinds of flowers and various patterns can be matched as you like. It is a beautiful environment for tea and coffee.

The felt laser cutter can make the coaster no matter it is engraving or cutting. And it can be completed quickly and without error in a short time. As long as there is creativity, it can be presented to you. The foam laser cutting machine uses computer graphics, no matter how complex and irregular patterns, can achieve beautiful effects.

  foam laser cutter

The creative felt coasters are all in the foam laser cutter. Felt laser cutter has good effect, high precision, fast work. felt laser cutter will not damage the felt, and the cutting edge is very good. It can maximize the production efficiency.

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