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Fabric textile leather canvas cotton linen cloth shoe upper laser cutting machine

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fabric textile leather canvas cotton linen cloth shoe upper laser cutting machine

Cloth shoes are very popular and almost everyone have one pair cloth shoes, canvas shoes, cotton linen shoes, old cloth shoes, all kinds of cloth shoes, showing youthful vitality, it’s comfortable and versatile, also it can matches different clothing style. Many stars have cloth shoes. Moreover, in order to meet the needs of the fashion cloth shoes. The cloth shoe laser cutting machine makes your foot full of fashion sense.

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For flexible materials such as cloth and leather,shoe upper laser cutting machine for is widely used, and common textile fabrics can be used in the footwear industry. Shoe upper and insole are cut more efficiently and the quality is better. fabric shoe laser cutting machine has many advantages. The traditional processing method is backward, it can’t meet the production requirements of manufacturers, labor cost is high, processing is time-consuming and laborious, customized mold is needed. These shortcomings are gradually solved by canvas shoe laser cutting machine. leather shoe upper laser cutting machine adopts non-contact processing method, does not need to make the mold, saves the cost, the cutting speed is fast, fabric processing has no burrs, fabric under the high temperature state is more flat, size of the upper and the insole can be quickly designed by the computer, cloth shoe upper laser cutting machine has a variety of processes, such as hollowing out and punching, can be easily automated and fast processed.


shoe fabric laser cutting machine

leather cloth upper laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting machine. cloth is usually cut on a honeycomb platform. At the same time, in order to adapt to various sizes of fabrics, linen shoes laser cutting machine can be customized making, the size also can be customized. It also can be equipped with dual heads, four-heads.

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