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CNC Wood Router Carving Machine

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CNC Wood Router Carving Machine

Now when people buy doors, wooden doors have become the first choice. Not only is it beautiful in shape, but also because of its environmental performance. And the quality is very good.

cnc wood router

The wooden doors is mainly solid wood, especially composite solid wood. It keeps the advantages of natural wood, and avoids the defects of easy deformation and cracking. Now the traditional manual work has gradually been replaced by CNC router machine. CNC wood router, as the new darling of wooden door, has been favored by more and more wooden door manufacturers. wood router is more efficient than manual work, and the defect rate is extremely low.

cnc router machine

CNC wood router uses a gantry structure to meet the needs of the feeding height. The heavy duty steel structure confrim the stability of the machine. The guide rail adopts square guide rail, the supporting surface is stable. Rack transmission is smooth, ensures no deformation and vibration for long time and high speed working. In this way, the precision and beauty of carving can be guaranteed when carving wooden doors, thereby greatly imporve the efficiency of wooden door.

The manual wooden door is depends on the workers. The output is low and the price is high. Wooden doors made by wood carving machine now can increase production while ensuring product consistency. The CNC wood router is easy to operate and it is more handy during use.

Its system is compatible with a variety of CAD / CAM software such as type3 / artcam / castmate / ug / Wentai. And supports multiple languages. The system is automatically controlled. The wooden doors produced by wood router is more beautiful and ensure the mass production.

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