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Clothes clothing garment apparel fabric textile lace laser cutting machine

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clothes clothing garment apparel fabric textile lace laser cutting machine

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Cloth laser cutting machine not only can cut fabric,it also can cut many textile materials, modern and fashionable hollow clothing is also the field of laser cutting machine.

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The clothing laser cutting machine is equipped with an automatic feeder to cut the fabric quickly. clothing fabric cutting machine can be equipped with multiple laser heads. The production efficiency is greatly increased, and the stability of the cloth machine is very good. It is very professional for fabric hollowing, and the cloth laser cutting machine can cut many materials, such as leather, lace, cotton and linen.

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Clothing textile cutting machine hollow fabrics has a variety of forms, the use of laser hollowing can enhance the 3D sense of clothing.

Hollowing technology is applied to apparel, fabric laser cutting machine has great advantages and credits. software control for precise cutting and hollowing, high precision and high speed, Clothes fabric cutting machine is suitable for a variety of non-metallic flexible materials. 

Suitable materials: flexible materials such as cloth and leather.

Application industry

1. ski waterproof suits, wetsuits, underwear, beach pants, tents, sleeping bags and other outdoor products laser cutting machine;

2. special clothing such as wedding dresses, health care products, labor insurance products, suits, fashion, women's wear single layer laser cutting machine;

3. special materials such as airbags, strainers, sailboats, parachutes, sofas, car interiors, positioning of holes laser cutting machine;

4. household textile products, bag opening, carpet and other household products laser cutting machine;

5. Sample preparation laser cutting machine.

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