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China Wood Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

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China Wood Laser Cutting Engraving Machine


laser cutting wood

Now many packaging box and craft use wood materials, wood material is environmentally friendly and elegant. Cutting wood need the wood laser cutting machine. Mechanical carving machine cannot engrave gray color on wood surface. wood laser engraving machine uses high energy laser to burn the wood material to grave or black. no need paint and the laser engraving mark is permanent.

 wood laser cutting machine

Wood is a widely used material in wood laser engraving. Wood is easy to engrave and cut. Light wood such as birch, cherry, and maple are easily burned by laser, so it is very suitable for engraving.

There is no much difference between engraving on plywood and wood, but one thing to note is that the depth of engraving should not be too deep. The edges of the cut plywood will also be as dark as wood.

Laser cutting wood is suitable for small thickness wood. The maximum cutting thickness depends on the hardness of the wood and the power of the laser machine. If you need to cut thick wood, you can slow down the cutting speed, increase the laser power, and cut the wood repeatedly.

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