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Car sofa seat cover fabric leather CO2 laser cutting machine

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Car sofa seat cover fabric leather CO2 laser cutting machine

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Laser cutting machine is widely used in the sofa industry. The automatic feeding laser cutting machine makes the cutting easier and faster. The automatic feeding table is matched with the automatic feeding correction system to make the cutting more perfect. High speed laser cutting combined with high precision typesetting software can greatly improve work efficiency and prevent waste of fabrics. At the same time, it can save labor cost, it is the first choice for soft material cutting

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What problems the laser cutting machine can solve for the sofa industry?

1. Substitute labor: The production of sofas will not be manually processed in modern times. the reduction of sofa trimmers and  the increase in production costs, the mechanistic production is an inevitable trend.

2. Standardization of the pieces: The situation that the manually cutting pieces are not standard has always existed, laser cutting can effectively avoid such a situation. The sofa laser automatic cutting machine can guarantee the perfection of the pieces. The numerical control equipment can replace the work of many people, the waste parts are reduced and the efficiency is high.


3. Greatly improve production efficiency: the working efficiency of the sofa laser cutting machine is more than three times that of ordinary labor, and the competition in the modern industry is so fierce, the laser cutting machine will undoubtedly greatly improve the quality and quantity of our products.

4. Significantly reduce production costs: laser cutting machine can improve material utilization, reduce labor costs, labor costs, materials, etc. will be reduced due to the accurate operation of the sofa laser cutting machine, using the laser machine can save an average of 0.5 per set of sofas m fabric.

5. Can complete the cutting of different fabrics in the sofa industry: leather, cloth, cotton, non-woven fabric, felt and so on.

6. Meet the industry's special-shaped processing: sofa laser cutting machine makes our sofa processing more convenient, at the same time, personalized processing can also meet the needs of modern young people, greatly increasing the diversification of orders.

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