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Acrylic Storage Box Laser Cutting Engraving Machine

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Acrylic Storage Box Laser Cutting Engraving Machine


Every girl dreams of a clean and beautiful dress table. But face a many cosmetics, jewelry and etc. Storage becomes a big problem. Acrylic laser cutting machine cut storage box, let you say goodbye to chaos!

 acrylic laser engraving machine

Use computer software to design the storage box drawing. The acrylic cutting machine cuts out the pieces of the storage box according to the drawing. Then assemble each piece together. Create a clear and stylish acrylic storage box. Makes storage easy to see at a glance.

The acrylic laser engraving machine accuracy can be within millimeters. The acrylic edges after cutting are smooth. No burrs or injuries to hands. And the non contact process will not damage the acrylic. It is beautiful and practical.

 acrylic laser cutting machine

Acrylic boxes have clear layers and full texture. So that high value jewelry can shine in the closed box. The acrylic laser cutting machine creates an good space for jewelry.

 Smart storage, quality life. Laser cut acrylic storage box. Various forms, unlimited creativity. So that storage becomes so easy!




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