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Acrylic Laser Cutting Cutter Machine

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Acrylic laser cutting cutter machine

acrylic laser cutting machine

Acrylic is widely used in the advertising industry. Acrylic is highly transparent, it’s beautiful to make advertising signs. The advantage of laser cutting acrylic is non contact. t will not damage the acrylic, cutting edge is smooth, high precision, and cutting speed is fast.

acrylic laser cutter

At present, acrylic laser cutting machine is the first choice to cut acrylic letters. Mechanical machine also can cut acrylic, but not as good as acrylic laser cutter in details cutting. Especially to cut turns and arcs. The cutting effect of acrylic laser cutter machine is much better. The mechanical  machine can’t cut small size corners and arcs.

The acrylic laser cutting machine does not touch the material. Will not cause damage to the acrylic, and will not cause the material to deform. Acrylic laser cutter can cut complex designs. The cutting edge is smooth, without burrs, and the cutting edge does not require secondary processing.


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