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UV Laser Marking Machine for Plastic Industry

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UV Laser marking machine for plastic industry


To improve the product brand influence, also promote brand promotion and user experience, also in order to supply detail instruction and information to users, manufacturers must mark clear and beautiful contents on the plastic products. Like production date, logo, patent number company name, parameters, instruction name, telephone and other information.

UV Laser marking machine

To mark a clear and beautiful string image, you need a professional marking device, such as a plastic UV laser marking machine or an inkjet printer.

The working theory and materials of the inkjet printer limit its development. The inkjet itself has the problems of high pollution, high consumables, high failure rate and high maintenance cost, which limits its application, such as in the food field, it needs to be used with caution. In addition, in some long-contact products, inkjet printer mark is easy to erase, it’s not conducive to use, such as light switch, power adapter, etc.

Correspondingly, the plastic UV laser marking machine has become an effective processing method, which is characterized by non-contact processing, no pollution, high precision, fast marking speed, easy operation and permanent marking effect. Plastic laser marking machines have become the preferred marking machine in the plastics industry.

UV Laser marking machine

The huge market demand promotes the development of plastic products, , and when UV laser marking machine works on plastic products, they quickly produce chemical reactions, which has ushered in new development opportunities for plastic products, while plastic products industry  also promoted the development of the laser marking machine industry. According to the industry characteristics of plastic products, Changzhou CNC has developed co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine for different plastic materials.

According to the requirements of different plastic materials, the types of laser marking machines are different. For example, ABS marking usually selects UV laser marking machine, PE, PT, PP and other materials can choose UV or CO2 marking. Changzhou CNC has developed sophisticated laser marking equipment for different industry characteristics and material properties. The marking effect is ideal, the operation is simple, the performance is reliable.

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